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Shine like Stars: Philippian Foundations @Night


Christ lived and breathed under the occupation of the Roman Empire. He witnessed first hand the totalitarian might of the militant juggernaut of his day, that sought to prop itself up with the propaganda that it spread to the ends of the world. When his earthly ministry showed people a new way to live – a life in Him – it broke an empire and changed the lives of everyone, for every generation to come.

It wasn’t however, for a few hundred years, that Christianity would become the sanctioned and practiced religion of the Roman Empire. Lead Pastor Stuart Starr opens this exciting series of teaching, exploring how, in it’s earliest days, Christianity is caught up in the midst of the Holy Spirit moving across the known world, changing people from the inside-out.

Join with the NewLife@Night service, and meditate on Paul’s letter to the Philippians, a letter written from prison – a letter that has no hint of self-pity, self-sympathy or sadness. A letter that radiates joy – joy that Christ was proclaimed, joy in fellowship with the Philippian Christians and, above all, joy in Jesus himself.

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