With God on Mission Series

With God on Mission

This term we will be working our way through the Old Testament and delving into Gods constant plan for His world in mission. Through the series we are utilising the Bible Timeline pictures to keep where we are in context. As we dive in deeper, we will find that Paul did not invent global mission, and that on the contrary, God has had it on His heart from the very beginning of time.

 With God in mission: The Language of The Kingdom

If you look carefully through the Bible, there are certain stories and themes that crop up again and again. The Israelites had preserved and passed down these stories through their generations, to speak pictures and insight about who their God was and why they worshipped Him. They used beautiful imagery and metaphors to talk of a God who was for the powerless, on the side of the oppressed and was faithful to the faithful. So when our modern culture examines some of these stories, its good to have some understanding and acumen into what was going on at the time...

 With God On Mission: Sin’s Curse

How do we begin to comprehend and understand what sin really is? How do you measure its affects? How do you, in a world of military and political and humanitarian unrest, comprehend a world that is turning in on itself, a world that is feeling the very real pressure of the abuse of its natural resources, a world that accuses and doesn't accept? Genesis starts with the unmistakable truth - that it is all a gift. Then something happened. But a story about a talking snake, a Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, a Tree of perpetually sustaining life?...

 With God On Mission: Planted

The people of the ancient world believed that the creation of the Universe had occurred after a violent battle between two gods. The male god kills the female god, then tore her body apart and used half of her to create the heavens and half to create the earth. The driving engine of this story is violence, carnage, and destruction. Not a children’s bedtime story. The Jews on the other hand, who were in exile at the time, had a different story - a story that had lived in their bones - a story that had been passed down from...

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