With God on Mission: Holy Promise

The people of the ancient world lived in the awareness that you were dependant on the “forces”. Your crops, health, well-being, tribe and family were all reliant on whether you were in favour of the gods – or not. This constant need to appease the gods came with a deep seeded sense of apprehension, uncertainness and anxiety, because how do you ever know where you stand with the gods? This is the story of humanity in the ancient world – an anxiety induced, cyclical world view that each generation lived in, generation after generation. Lead Pastor Stuart Starr takes us back thousands and thousands of years ago, inside the scriptures, into the period where humanity was set apart from each other in tribes and groups, and opens up remarkable story about a man called Abraham.

Now, Abraham had many sons… and many sons had Father Abraham… and I am one of them… and so are you…… but before all of that – the story is flipped upside down. The story that we live in a cycle of anxiety and not knowing where we stand with the Divine, because this story shows us a God who provides. This story shows us a God who is mindful of man. This story reveals a God who enters space and time and hearts and shows us how to leave behind the world of anxiety and tension that we’ve been living in, and invites us into a whole new reality that He has already prepared.

Lead Pastor Stuart Starr takes us through Abraham’s awakening as he encounters God Almighty. Listen with the NewLife@10 service as Abraham’s whole story is flipped upside down, in the knowledge and understanding that God is on his side. See how God reveals his heart to Abraham and the truth that He is eagerly awaiting a people that will join him on mission. And trust that the same God is also already preparing something greater, more adventurous and exciting, just beyond the horizon in your own life, as we join with Him on Mission.


[bible passage=”Genesis 12″ heading=”h3″]


[bible passage=”Genesis 17″ heading=”h3″]

Through the series we’ll be utilising the Bible Timeline pictures to keep where we are in context. If you’d like to have a copy for yourself as a reference for the sermons or the LifeGroup studies you can download it by clicking on the link below.

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