With God On Mission: Sin’s Curse

How do we begin to comprehend and understand what sin really is? How do you measure its affects? How do you, in a world of military and political and humanitarian unrest, comprehend a world that is turning in on itself, a world that is feeling the very real pressure of the abuse of its natural resources, a world that accuses and doesn’t accept? Genesis starts with the unmistakable truth – that it is all a gift.

Then something happened.

But a story about a talking snake, a Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, a Tree of perpetually sustaining life? That’s hard to wrap your head around. How, in our modern, scientific and empirical culture, do we even begin unpacking it? In our analysis and examination, we only read what is black and white, and miss the more vital, more enlightening words that are written “in between the lines”.

Lead Pastor Stuart Starr invites us back to the garden, “In the beginning”, to show us how the fall of man is less a story about how Adam and Eve sinned, and more a story of how WE sin. Listen as he connects the story of the deceptive serpent with the very real way we are all deceived by sin. Be encouraged to know that even in our darkest, we have a God who does not give up.

Everything that we are, everything that we have – our work, our relationships, our health, our planet – finds its roots in the wonderful provision from Him, yet it is sin that robs and corrupts and leaves its fingerprints on it all. Join with the NewLife@10 service as we see what an amazing opportunity we all have, in putting “self” aside to rule over it, to once again recognise the blessing and provision we have all been given so freely.


[bible passage=”Genesis 3-Genesis 4:1-18″ heading=”h3″]

Through the series we’ll be utilising the Bible Timeline pictures to keep where we are in context. If you’d like to have a copy for yourself as a reference for the sermons or the LifeGroup studies you can download it by clicking on the link below.

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