Immanuel, Assyria and Promised Survivors

Covers Isaiah’s signs to King Ahaz during the Syro-Emphraimite Crisis of 735BC. Israel & Syria banded together to persuade Ahaz of Judah to oppose Tiglith-Pilesar’s invading army with them. When he refuses, they invade Judah, so Ahaz turns to Assyria for help. Isaiah calls Ahaz to trust God. His failure means that judgement will come (‘hand upraised’: 9:12,17,21,10:4; cf. 5:25), but out of judgement salvation will emerge in the great Messiah (7:14; 9:6-7; cf. Mt 4:15-16) along with a remnant who survive (10:20-23; cf. Rom 9:27-28). It is worth noting that Ahaz was a very wicked king following the sins of Ahab’s descendants (2 Kings 16)!


[bible passage=”Isaiah 7, Isaiah 8, Isaiah 9, Isaiah 10” heading=”h3″]

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