Johns Gospel: The Word and The Witness

What does the Divine look like? What form does Everlasting take? How do you wrap your mind around an invisible God who is beyond our reach of understanding? How do you – without science and all the data and analysis and hypothesis that come with it – write about something that is beyond words that no one witnessed?

John begins with a poem.

This wonderfully, lyrically, meaningfully written poem, to its original readers, shattered their concept of a God who was somewhere else – and showed them a beautiful image of a God whose very heart was relational and unconditionally love. It revealed to them a God who was more interested in the affairs of people – even in their suffering – than they had known. And it showed them that the Light and the Hope of the world had been revealed, and was being revealed in their very midst.

At the time when Rome had conquered the known world and “gods” lived in kingdoms and palaces of exuberance and luxury and power, John revealed to his audience a different kingdom of hope and love and truth and a new way of understanding what it meant to be human. He revealed the intimacy of the One who created the whole universe.

Allow the scriptures to infiltrate your heart and open your mind to the power of the Word, as Lead Pastor Stuart Starr brings us the first in the new series. John.


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[bible passage=”John 1:1-18″ heading=”h3″]

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