Johns Gospel: Hungry for food that lasts

Jesus feeding the five thousand is arguably one of the more memorable miracles found throughout the scriptures. Seeing the simple needs of the many in front of him, Jesus turns a boys small barley loaves and fish into food to feed the multitude – and of course not only in measure, but abundance.

Sidenote: How fantastic is it that the “unbelievable” usually starts off with a child’s simple idea?

Lead Pastor Stuart Starr continues the joy-giving, abundance showering, narrative of Jesus’ ministry on Earth that we find in Johns Gospel. John’s account continually reveals just how transformative Jesus was in the lives of anyone who was able to draw near to him. The Jews, (and many Gentiles), would have been intimately aware of the connection that Jesus was making with himself and the manna that God provided to their ancestors, and in doing so, opened their minds to the reality of who Jesus claimed he was.

The problem was of course, the Jews were awaiting a Messiah that would save them from the economic, political and physical oppression of Caesar. Jesus came to show them the reality of the Kingdom of God, and a much bigger understanding of who the Father is. He came to show them that life is not just about “living through subsistence”, but that life in Jesus was “Joy in abundance”. John’s account of the Feeding of the Five Thousand is another beautiful example of how Jesus broke down the spiritual powers that blinded the people of his day by unfolding what was real.

So what do we crave? What is it we relish? Are we seeking military conquest and political power? Are we seeking abundance and affluence in our physical homes? Meditate on this as you listen to Stuart. Are we disappointed when Jesus doesn’t fix the immediate problems/trials in our lives? What are we really seeking from God?

Listen with us, and allow God to show you how we can discern between what is eternal, and what spoils. Peek beneath the surface to see the difference between the kingdom of men, and the Kingdom of God. Allow yourself to be open to God showing you lasting and eternal life, true hope, true comfort, true assurance, true food and true freedom in His son – simply by receiving him.


[bible passage=”Exodus 16:1-36″ heading=”h3″]


[bible passage=”John 6:25-58″ heading=”h3″]

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