Johns Gospel: The Reality in Resurrection

Senior Assistant Pastor Geoff Leader leads us through Jesus’ fourth appearance after his resurrection, continuing in our series, Johns Gospel. Unlike earlier parts of John, which transpired mainly in Jerusalem, this account begins with the resurrected Jesus and seven of his disciples on the beach of the Sea of Tiberius.

The location is open and expansive, matching the message of its words – and rather than the fearsome place of Jewish tradition that we read of earlier, the sea is a fitting backdrop for physical and spiritual nourishment. The resurrected Jesus shows himself to his disciples, unadorned, standing on a beach, later serving breakfast. Much of the account revolves around fishing, a beautiful metaphor that Geoff opens up as you listen along.

Our chapter is concluded perfectly with Jesus’ instructions and teaching, twice with direct instruction about humility and service, and a then a wonderfully lyrical teaching to Peter that is the primary message of his account. Its wise and lovely words usher in for all of us a new maturity, with seeking, hands-open and willingness in our own journey.

Johns Gospel overwhelmingly shows us how to remain open and allow ourselves to be guided, by the Light and the Hope of the world, and provides much wisdom in seeking patience, trust and the calm knowing that is only from above. And of course, joy in excess.


[bible passage=”John 21″ heading=”h3″]

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