Love Came Down: What difference does it make?

Christmas, in our Western culture, easily overshadows every other holiday. Even Easter, which for many Christians is the spiritual equinox in their calendar, is trumped each year by the rise of consumerism, capitalism and the true cost of materialism in December. As such, we can often be blinded to the true nature of the Manger and the virgin birth, as its significance diminishes and falls in the shadow of the growing dominance of a “secular Christmas” each year.

It’s easy to lose the sight to the true meaning of Christmas, and celebrate it in ways that are in direct opposition to its original intent.

Senior Assistant Pastor Geoff Leader reminds us that forgiveness is not exclusively what happens after we are buried, but has to do with the way we live right now and helps us to be fully aware of the powerful, subversive and insistent love that forgiveness offers everyone.


[bible passage=”Isaiah 9:1-7″ heading=”h3″]

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