Love Came Down: The Unfolding Prophecy of Incarnation

Prophecy, throughout the Scriptures, helps us glimpse into the unfolding narrative and mystery of Christ. The Psalmist David, wrote down beautiful songs and poems as an expression of the divine mystery that was being revealed to him, as he met with God Most High.

Reading through them, you’ll begin to see something at work, just below the surface, planting seeds, gradually moving and calling and pulling and tugging and inspiring and transforming. Prophecy is like this. It somehow reaches into the future and pulls it into the present, helping us glimpse a world bigger than we knew possible, and inviting us into it.

Lead Pastor Stuart Starr invites us to explore and examine the ancient prophecies that reveal Messiah. He encourages us to look to a world just beyond the horizon where Righteousness and Justice reign. And he invites us to step into the mystery of the unfolding narrative that Jesus has been at the centre of, since before time began.

Join with us as we delve deeper into that eternal mystery of Incarnation, a thousand years after it was revealed to King David, when Love Came Down.


[bible passage=”Psalm 2″ heading=”h3″]


[bible passage=”Psalm 118″ heading=”h3″]

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