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Praying through a Pandemic

We need to meet the challenges of our world with prayers to the God who has the power, love, and care, to change things for His glory.

When James wrote to his congregation about prayer he penned these words,

“The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.” (James 5:16b)

Rather than turning us off in despair at our sin these words are supposed to encourage us that those who are righteous in Jesus and persistent in prayer will see God at work.

What about COVID? Have we simply filled our browsers up with doom surfing? Have we shrunk our vision down to sharing funny or mean memes? Have we essentially abandoned this crisis to its natural path?

You’re invited to join us in prayer as we seek to lift our vision again to our great God. Lauren (our Pastoral Care Director) has pulled together some prayer points to focus us up each day of September.

If you’d like to pray through the pandemic you can download from our website:

Join me in bringing our suffering world before our Lord.



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