Shine like Stars: New Responsibilities

It shouldn’t be of much surprise, that we are today living in what many refer to as a “Post-Christian Society”. Our thoughtlessness for each other, the desire of self and ego, the way in which discrimination runs unchecked – so how do we act in a world where everything, at every turn, is lined with deception, evil and hatred?

Paul’s answer? To Shine like Stars.

To live a life that is exemplary. A life that stands in defiance of hatred and evil. To live as Christ and to die to the old ways and the bondage of sin. Christ was building something new in Paul and in the world he lived in, just as He continues to build this world, remaking it in His image, through us.

Paul invites us to live a life in Christ, to work out each decision that we make with fear and trembling – in recognition that each decision we face is ultimately bringing the Kingdom of God nearer, or pushing it away.

Join the NewLife@10 service with Stuart Grant, as we seek God’s will, in living a life in Christ.

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