Stirrings of the Soul: God reveals His Glory

The stories and accounts in prophetic writings like Revelation, often paint the ‘Glory of God’ with metaphor and images like fire and brilliance and intensity. They reveal a spiritual truth that is synonymous with power and justice. However, much of the New Testament writings are stark in comparison to these images.

How God reveals His Glory to us, and what it look like, is a question that that all Christians, like the Apostles sought. The Apostles had lived, ate and walked the same path as Jesus for a number of years, yet in one moment on a mountain top, alone with Him, their eyes were opened to the truth of who the Christ really is.

The account of the Transfiguration of Jesus was a vivid revelation that the Kingdom of God is at hand and just beyond our site.

Guest speaker Stuart Grant challenges us to seek God’s Glory in the quiet places, ‘on top of the mountain’. He asks us to stop and be still in God’s presence, to be impacted the same way that the Apostles were impacted by the Transfiguration. And he invites us to allow God to use the pain and suffering we all face to be used to reveal more of Himself.


[bible passage=”Isaiah 40:1-11″ heading=”h3″]


[bible passage=”Mark 6:30-45″ heading=”h3″]

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