Living with Assurance Series

Living with Assurance

How we seek assurance in life, and in God, are carefully intertwined and woven together. These messages outline the importance of not seeking the Kingdom of God in the midst of our own lives.

 Assurance and the symptoms of a NewLife

Trust in Jesus, confess Jesus as Lord and and your life will change over time as you continue to the end of the race. Changes will be evident in for areas; Head – Knowledge of God and biblical doctrine, Heart – Godly desires replace worldly desires, Hands – Obedience to...

 Finding Assurance in God’s power to preserve his people

Both Hebrews 3:14 and Colossians 1:22-23 tell of continuing in faith, get to the end, receive the prise. How can I be sure thst I can do it? It is God who saves!

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The sermons from our weekly series at NewLife Anglican Church in Oran Park, Sydney, Australia. Sermons are preached by Lead Pastor Stuart Starr, Senior Assistant Pastor Geoff Leader and Kids, Youth and Families Pastor Michael Mak. Subscribe on iTunes below.