MOPS – Mothers of Preschoolers

Currently suspended for your safety

Our program begins at 9.30am so we recommend arriving beforehand so you can settle your little ones into MOPS kids before we start. Grab a cuppa and some yummy treats then find a friend to chat with. Please do your best to be on time as late arrivals can upset our littlest MOPS kids and we’d also hate for you to miss out on our amazing program this year.

Our program this year includes talks, some from guest speakers, some DVD presentations and plenty of discussion. You will be allocated to a discussion table for your year at MOPS. This gives you familiar faces to see each week and a point of contact in your table leader. Please let your table leader know if you will not be attending a MOPS morning or if you have any questions or queries.

We will then join together in a creative activity; this may be making something together, or participating in an activity.

Our day finishes at 11.20am at which time we would love your help to pack away before collecting our children at 11.30am. 

Welcome and Sustenance

Whether you missed breakfast and are hungry for food, or whether you’re missing adult company and are hungry for conversation, or whether you just need a hot coffee – you will find all three in good supply at a MOPS morning.

Loving care for your children

MOPS comes hand-in-hand with MOPPETS (a program specially designed for your children) so that you can spend two uninterrupted hours adulting! All our carers have child-safe checks and they love to nurse babies, sing action songs with toddlers, and read books to preschoolers. They know that mums need a break and long for time to relax, chat, be creative, learn parenting skills and find community with other mums.

A mothers’ group

MOPS is not a playgroup. While it’s true that the MOPPETS program is provided to care for the babies and little kiddos, you don’t need to bring your child to be able to come to MOPS. If MOPS is on a day when your child is at day care or with grandma – that’s fine. MOPS is for YOU!

Information and Equipping

There’s a lot to get your head around in this mothering gig and the women who run MOPS, as mothers themselves, know many of the questions you face. Because they have the same questions themselves. So they invite speakers who provide useful information on important topics like child development, mothering skills, personal identity, relationships, leadership, life skills and other issues of interest to women.


Once you’ve heard the speaker, it’s your turn! You are free to reflect on what’s been said, ask questions, listen to ideas from other mums and share your own experiences – but no pressure! This is a time for discussion, and we hope you will find answers, new ideas, food for thought – and friendship.

Time to nurture your creativity

Over the course of a year, a MOPS group will engage in a smorgasbord of creative activities, during which you will discover new skills – and relish the opportunity to ‘finish’ a project without little hands wanting to help.

MOPS groups are hosted by churches in every state in Australia and meetings are usually held in church buildings. But MOPS is not just for Christian women. In fact, mums of all faiths – or no faith – are welcome to attend. If you have children under 6, or if you’re pregnant, you’re eligible for MOPS. MOPS aims to encourage and equip all mums to be the best mum they can be – because Better Mums Make A Better World.

How much does MOPS cost?

Not much at all really! There is an annual participation fee of $10 to MOPS Australia. Groups usually have a small meeting fee which covers MOPPETS, creative materials and sometimes venue hire. The cost at MOPS Oran Park is $10.00 each meeting.

I already go to a playgroup with my child. How is MOPS different?

MOPS is about you as a woman and a mum. It offers time out for mums and an opportunity for your needs to be met. Children are cared for in the MOPPETS program while you are at MOPS. When you take care of yourself, you are more capable of taking care of your children. Better mums make a better world!

I am not a Christian and I don’t go to church or anything. Can I still come to MOPS?

MOPS welcomes ALL mothers of preschoolers regardless of age, marital status, religion or national origin. MOPS is a wonderfully diverse group of women, making it a completely unique support community.

I can’t find a MOPS group listed in my area. Why is this?

MOPS Australia is continually searching for churches with a vision to establish new MOPS groups. A MOPS group needs volunteers and resources to develop and sustain it. Please contact MOPS Australia and they can let you know if a group is about to start near you. We would love every mother in Oran Park and the Greater South West to be able to access a MOPS group

My child is five years old and has just started preschool (kindergarten or prep in some states of Australia). Am I allowed to still come to MOPS?

Yes. MOPS is not a mother-and-toddler playgroup; we exist to meet the needs of mothers with babies and children up to school age. Mothers are very welcome at MOPS with or without their preschooler.

Can I just show up at the next meeting?

Please call or email the office, or use the form below and we will contact the group to ensure there is a place for you and your child/children. There may be a waiting list.

I attended a MOPS group overseas. Is MOPS Australia the same?

MOPS Australia is proud to be an affiliate of MOPS International, though you may find some aspects of MOPS down under slightly different.

During a MOPS program, children are looked after in their own fun program called MOPS Kids!  While babies are lovingly cared for, older children are kept busy with a program which may include games, indoor and outdoor actvities, a bible story and a craft, as well as free play.

MOPS Kids carers are required to have the child-safe checks applicable to the legislation in their state and to comply with the MOPS Kids Childcare Guidelines. Most carers are volunteers who give their time because they have a heart for kids and value the opportunity for mums to have some ‘time out’ at MOPS.


To find out more about MOPS, or to join the group, please fill out the contact form below and we will get in touch with you. Alternatively, you can find more contact details on our Contact Us page.