With God On Mission: Planted @Night

The people of the ancient world believed that the creation of the Universe had occurred after a violent battle between two gods. The male god kills the female god, then tore her body apart and used half of her to create the heavens and half to create the earth. The driving engine of this story is violence, carnage, and destruction.

Not a children’s bedtime story.

The Jews on the other hand, who were in exile at the time, had a different story – a story that had lived in their bones – a story that had been passed down from generation to generation – a story that spoke of hope and redemption and even love. It spoke of a God who makes without compulsion. A God who creates without conflict. A God who is intentional and forges without confusion. A God who is willing to step outside of Heaven to walk with His people and provide for them and care for them. A God who provides meaningful purpose and mission.

Lead Pastor Stuart Starr opens up our new series, “On Mission with God”, with dynamic teaching on Genesis and Revelation, and how we can live a life that flourishes in the knowledge that we are created by a loving God – to live in relationship and harmony with each other, with seeking and right relationship with God, and in partnership with Him in caring for our beautiful planet.

The Creation account in Genesis was a brand new idea in human history – it essentially dragged humanity forward, inviting them into a world that is beautiful and purposeful and fragile. The Creation account ultimately asks if we live our lives in the understanding that the Universe is created out of ambiguity, confusion and conflict – or if we seek to live our lives in the understanding that this world is created out of love.

Join with the NewLife@Night service, as we seek to know God more, by finding avenues to use our energies for the good of the Lord and the blessing of others, as we look towards the promise and revelation of New Life and a New World, With God On Mission in the Old Testament.


[bible passage=”Revelation 21:1-8″ heading=”h3″]


[bible passage=”Revelation 21:22-22:1-5″ heading=”h3″]

Through the series we’ll be utilising the Bible Timeline pictures to keep where we are in context. If you’d like to have a copy for yourself as a reference for the sermons or the LifeGroup studies you can download it by clicking on the link below.

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