1 Thessalonians

 Eternal Encouragement: Living with Anticipation

As Christians, we don't only look to living in Eternity after death, but seek to live a life now that can endure, and survive even death. How can we prepare to live in this Way? What kind of things should we surround ourselves with? Or perhaps, how can we better...

 Eternal Encouragement: Built Faith Tough

Throughout his letters, Paul reveals to us how persecution makes us doubt the goodness of God, and temptation blinds us to the gifts of God. So how can we ensure our faith won’t leave us stranded? How can we have an “adrenalised" faith that will go the distance? How can...

 Eternal Encouragement

Paul's letter to the Thessalonian's is a letter to a church under rising pressure and scrutiny from Rome in the west and Athens in the east. It's a letter of encouragement, perseverance and hope to a young church, and offers much needed perspective in our own lives. Lead Pastor Stuart...

 Eternal Encouragement: Busyness and God’s Solution

This sermon explores the place of "rest" in our lives when living in a world of ever increasing busyness.

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