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 God and Nebuchadnezzar

God is sovereign and opposes the proud. Key revelation of God: There is no other God. He rules the nations and He will humble all who oppose Him - including Kings. Connecting to Jesus: Jesus is the ultimate model of the principle that God will lift up the proud. He's...

 Ezekiels Vision of God

Continuing our series Meeting God in the Old Testament, In this sermon looking at Meeting God in the Old Testament, Ezekiel's Vision of God is explored.   [bible passage="Ezekiel 1" heading="h3"]

 Wisdom Greater Than Solomon

In this sermon looking at meeting God in the Old Testament, it explores when Solomon meets the Lord and asks for wisdom. We learn the foundations for godly wisdom and see that ultimately God's wisdom is shaped by the cross.   [bible passage="1 Kings 3" heading="h3"]

 Joseph’s Very Bad Month – Peter Stedman

[bdt_team_member photo="5694" style="3" background="#ffffff" name="Peter Stedman" role="Senior Minister Norwest Anglican Church" url=""]Pete is married to Bree and has three daughters – Suzannah, Jasmine and Annabelle and a son Jonathan. Pete is really excited by the opportunities the church has to engage with and serve the local community. He would love...

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