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 Shine like Stars: New Generosity

Paul’s writings to the Church have for ages opened mankind to the awareness of a more inclusive understanding of our shared humanity, through the infallible, expansive and undeniable love we find in Christ. His continued writings to the church in Philippi expand on this, as he teaches them the importance of seeking satisfaction and contentment in Christ and putting aside the treasures and riches in this world that only weigh us down. Join with Lead Pastor Stuart Starr and the NewLife@10 series, as we continue to Shine like Stars.

 Shine like Stars: New Resources

Where do our thoughts turn to when our mind is quiet? Do they look in regret at the past? Do they spiral to worry about things that might come to pass? Paul teaches us that rejoicing in the Lord actually guards your lives and relationships from the onset of anxious thoughts. Filling your mind with uplifting, positive thoughts, media, books, relationships and literature releases your heart to know the joy that is found in rejoicing in the Lord. Join with Lead Pastor Stuart Starr and the NewLife@10 service, as we work through this very practical service on how to guard...

 Shine like Stars: New Ambitions

Ambition is often a term that many Christians view only as remnants of their old, sinful lives. But for Paul, it was absolutely necessary, even vital that his ambition remain, as his attitude and focus changed. Senior Assistant Pastor Geoff Leader reveals the dramatic shift in focus that led Paul’s heart to seek the Christ and turn his ambitions towards Heaven.

 Shine like Stars: A New Covenant

Circumcision was a covenant and a sign of tribal identity. A mark that the Israelites took thousands of years ago, to show God, that they were committed to being a new type of people in the world. Paul brilliantly identifies that it is absolutely necessary to use human construct, language...

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