Guest Speakers Series

Guest Speakers

We\'ve been blessed to have some valued guests share their testimonies and lives with us at NewLife Anglican Church.

 Coming Kingdom

As Christians, we have frequent familiarity with the words, “Your Kingdom come.” We say it during prayers at church, in reciting the Lord’s prayer in schools, and it wouldn’t even be uncommon to hear during official secular ceremonies. But how often do we let the words sit with us, to let the mission and advocacy resonate with us, to be drawn into the enveloping awareness that for millennia, Christians around the world have sought the coming Kingdom and our Lord’s will to be carried out? Our scientific, empirical society built the modern world, and in doing so, left out any...

 LukeBarnes – A Fortunate Universe

[bdt_team_member photo="8204" style="3" background="#ffffff" name="Luke Barnes" role="Postdoctoral Researcher, Sydney Institute for Astronomy, University of Sydney" url=""]Luke A. Barnes is a postdoctoral researcher at the Sydney Institute for Astronomy, University of Sydney. His university medal from the University of Sydney helped him earn a scholarship to complete a Ph.D. at the...

 Joseph’s Very Bad Month – Peter Stedman

[bdt_team_member photo="5694" style="3" background="#ffffff" name="Peter Stedman" role="Senior Minister Norwest Anglican Church" url=""]Pete is married to Bree and has three daughters – Suzannah, Jasmine and Annabelle and a son Jonathan. Pete is really excited by the opportunities the church has to engage with and serve the local community. He would love...

 Ladies Night – Catherine Campbell

[bdt_team_member photo="5689" style="3" background="#ffffff" name="Catherine Campbell" role="Popular Author and Speaker from Northern Ireland" url=""]Catherine Campbell is involved in ministry to women through speaking, writing and pastoral situations. Her working life started as a nurse in Belfast’s famous Royal Victoria Hospital, and she continued nursing on a part-time basis for the...

 Open House – What are we here for?

Stuart examines the compassion of Jesus and the relationships he developed with the people surrounding Lazarus. NewLife Anglican Church is in Oran Park to offer hope, community and a fresh start based on the teaching of Jesus.   [bible passage="John 11:1-44" heading="h3"]

 Who do you say Jesus is? – Glenn Davies

[bdt_team_member photo="5673" style="3" background="#ffffff" name="Glenn Davies" role="Arch Bishop of Sydney" url=""]Glenn was a school teacher prior to his theological study at Westminster Theological Seminary and Moore Theological College. After two years in parish ministry at St Stephen’s Willoughby, Glenn was invited to join the faculty of Moore College as a...

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