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 The Day of Vengeance

The judgement of God is refereed to often in the Bible and is the subject in Isaiah 63. There is no justice without judgement. God's Judgement and God's salvation go together. It is a frighting thing without the forgiveness available through the good news of the gospel.

 The Servants Great Mission

Looking at the news today we see terrible injustice in the world and feel helpless. We can be distracted from Gods mission for us today. Isaiah 61 tells of the year of the Lord (this age) where salvation is available to all and of the day of vengeance when all...

 The Unique & Incomprehensible God

God is mysterious, beyond our understanding but we get insights about God from the bible. For example we know of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost but we cannot fully understand the concept. This message shows from the bible Gods greatness and where we fit in.

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