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 The Word Through His Eyes

Jesus saw the forgiveness of sins more important than the healing of the body. Looking at the world through his eyes will help us see the importance of being salt and light to our friends, family that work clouges.   [bible passage="Mark 2:1-28" heading="h3"]

 The Beginning of the Gospel

John-Mark's account of the Gospel written around 60AD goes straight the the heart of the good news Jesus is the Christ, Jesus is the son of God he has come to save the gentiles as well as the Jews by dying on the cross.   [bible passage="Mark 1:1-45" heading="h3"]

 Assurance – But what about those who fall away?

Each of us fit into the four groups in Mark 4 the parable of the sower. Who do we know what soil we are? The church in Hebrews 5:11 were falling away from the faith who does this happen? Today we are reminded of how to continue to the end...

 New Year-ing Well

Nothing changes on new years day despite our best made plans. God still has a plan for us a damaged person in a fallen world. Instead of trusting in our own strength we need to trust in God.   [bible passage="Proverbs 3:1-26" heading="h3"]

 Assurance and the symptoms of a NewLife

Trust in Jesus, confess Jesus as Lord and and your life will change over time as you continue to the end of the race. Changes will be evident in for areas; Head – Knowledge of God and biblical doctrine, Heart – Godly desires replace worldly desires, Hands – Obedience to...

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