Christmas 2018: Fake Trees. True News.

Join our Christmas Eve Family service, as we find the truth about Jesus this Christmas.

 Romans: The Gift of God

Our death and resurrection with Jesus through baptism enable us to die to sin and live eternally with Him.

 Romans:The Love of God

God has demonstrated His love in His Son’s death and poured His Spirit into our hearts.

 Romans: The Faith of Abraham

Abraham’s faith models the right response and makes him the father of all Jews or Gentiles who trust in Jesus.

 Romans: The Righteousness of God

God's righteousness constrasts our unrighteousness and yet is offered to all who would believe in Jesus.

 Romans: The Power of God

The power of God is seen in the world and revealed in the gospel that saves believers.

 In the Potter’s Hand

The worth of each individual and the interaction between God’s will and our will.

 King David – Shaped by God

Join with us as Lead Pastor Stuart Starr continues our series, King David.

 King David: Create in me a Pure Heart

Join with Lead Pastor Stuart Starr and the NewLife Congregation as we continue to work through David's response to a heart turned away from God's.

 King David: Setting up Solomon

How does seeing the gathering of God’s people as an expression of the temple of God change our attitude to what happens on Sunday and in our LifeGroups? What would change if we remembered this as we gather? We pray that God to give us new eyes to see what He is doing through His Son and by His Spirit.

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