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 Grow in Thy love

Three quick thoughts from the prayer I read this morning in Valley of Vision (a book of Puritan Prayers). 1) “Order all my ways by thy Holy Word,” is a great prayer to bring to God. In other words, sort out my priorities by Your priorities. How could one know...


 Praying through a Pandemic

We need to meet the challenges of our world with prayers to the God who has the power, love, and care, to change things for His glory. When James wrote to his congregation about prayer he penned these words, "The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.” (James...


 Valley of Vision

Struck by this phrase in today’s prayer from the old Puritan prayer book - Valley of Vision. ”Teach me the happy art of attending to things temporal with a mind intent on things eternal.” The request is that God would help us reframe how we get involved with the everyday...

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