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 Paul’s Passion

Because we are chosen, adopted, accepted.  We are redeemed, forgiven and sealed with a guaranteed inheritance Paul is praying for us the church to grow in the knowledge of God. As we study Gods word the Holy Spirit speaks and guides us through the power of God.   [bible passage="Ephesians...

 Destined for Greatness and Glory

God works for His Glory and with pleasure. You were chosen before the creation of the world. The Gospel includes us in Jesus. Your future is guaranteed by the Holy Spirit.  There is no room for an ordinary life here - to a Christian is a profound privilege guaranteed by...

 Making Godly Decisions – Part 2

The second part of the series looking at making Godly Decisions.   [bible passage="Phillipians 2:9-11" heading="h3"]

 Making Godly Decisions – Part 1

Making Godly Decisions - Part 1   [bible passage="Phillipians 2:9-11" heading="h3"]

 God will not be mocked by Poor Sacrifice

God knows and a day is coming when He will judge the world. Connecting to Jesus: Jesus is the Judge and Saviour and His return will bring the day when the righteous and the wicked will be separated.   [bible passage="Malachi 1" heading="h3"]

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