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 Really bad news and Really Good News

Parts of the bible that really matter part 1.   [bible passage="Romans 3:19-31" heading="h3"]

 Advent 2014: Jesus Has Come

Jesus has come with understanding as a saviour. He came to be Lord of the whole earth and give Justice.   [bible passage="Luke 2:21-35" heading="h3"]

 Advent 2014: Different Responses to Jesus

Jesus is coming, we need to respond to him, different responses to Jesus.   [bible passage="Luke 2:8-20" heading="h3"]

 Advent 2014: Following the Faithful Shepherd

Christmas is a time of waiting, pondering what God has done and praising him for the gift of his son.   [bible passage="Luke 2:1-21" heading="h3"]

 Advent 2014: Kings & Submitting to King Jesus

A message in three parts, Herod the great, Jesus the Messiah and kings submitting to King Jesus.   [bible passage="Matthew 2" heading="h3"]   [bible passage="Psalm 2" heading="h3"]

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