Strange Messengers Series

Strange Messengers

Joseph, Mary, shepherds and the ordinary. And and our response to Strange Messengers.

 Strange Messengers: Joy to the World

Broken into three sections pre-Christian, Christmas day and boxing day God chose the saviour of the world not to arrive in affluence but in a back water, not to famous people but to pedants and announced his arrival not to the UN but to some Shepard farm boys.   [bible...

 Strange Messengers: Christmas, is it Kids stuff?

World changing news is brought to terrified shepherds when angels appear in the field where they are working one night. Peace on earth, Saviour, Messiah and Lord. A new born is in a food trough being cared for by out of town peasants. The message cannot be ignored today.  ...

 Strange Messengers: Mary

We look today at what the angel had to say to Mary a young bet roved woman possibly 12 to 16 when she hears that she will be the mother a baby boy not by procreation but by creation. Her response is a model of all who wish to serve...

 Strange Messengers: Joseph

We look today at what the angel had to say to Joseph on the day when thing looked black for him. We see who God used ordinary people.   [bible passage="Samuel 7:1-27" heading="h3"]   [bible passage="Matthew 1:18-24" heading="h3"]   [bible passage="Hebrews 1:1-3" heading="h3"]

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