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 Shine like Stars: A New Heart

Paul’s letter to the Philippians is a beautifully written reminder that we live beneath a veil. That as Christians we are called to look to Christ, and in seeing Him, be transformed in our view of ourselves, be changed in viewing our church and go deeper into prayer with God. Join with the NewLife@10 service, as Lead Pastor Stuart Starr as we examine Paul’s letter to the church in Philippi.

 Shine like Stars: Philippian Foundations

Christ lived and breathed under the occupation of the Roman Empire. He witnessed first hand the totalitarian might of the militant juggernaut of his day, that sought to prop itself up with the propaganda that it spread to the ends of the world. When his earthly ministry showed people a new way to live - a life in Him - it broke an empire and changed the lives of everyone, for every generation to come. It wasn’t however, for a few hundred years, that Christianity would become the sanctioned and practiced religion of the Roman Empire. Lead Pastor Stuart Starr opens this...

 Living in the Light

How often do we miss the point? How often do we exchange one set of ideals for another because the packaging has better marketing or brighter colours? Our lives are constantly being bombarded with the message “if your focus only shifted from that to this”, then our lives would be fuller, richer and happier. Our social media profiles are filled with hashtags like #fitspiration, #followforfollow & #KardashianLife - but how much time do we spend following a half truth that doesn’t bring about lasting and purposeful life? It’s of course perfectly fine to to be inspired to be fitter, healthier,...

 I AM the Light of the World

Join with the NewLife@10 service, as we listen to Lead Pastor Stuart Starr unpack Jesus’ extraordinary claim that he is the one true Light for this world and the redemption of mankind, and the hope that we can all have in this life and the next.

 With God on Mission: A New Humanity

In the last sermon of the series “On Mission with God”, we listen to Lead Pastor Stuart Starr reveal God’s ultimate plan for humanity - to reconcile all peoples to Himself. Our understanding of how God will reconcile the world to Himself tomorrow, enables us now to live in a way that is fully vital to the redemption of mankind today.

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