Jesus vs Suburbia Series

Jesus vs Suburbia

Australian suburban values are compared with what Jesus taught his disciples. We must ask ourselves who is really blessed in the light of his leaching?

 Jesus & Suburbia: Enduring

Judgement is coming - it is important to endure to the end. God rewards those that seek him. Choose the narrow path and follow him. Beware of false profits and also live the truth of Gods words in our lives.   [bible passage="Matthew 7" heading="h3"]

 Jesus & Suburbia: Compassionate

This life is like a game of monopoly, at the end of the game everything goes back in the box. Jesus says to seek first the kingdom of God. This message shows how to examine our use time, talents and treasure in a piratical way.   [bible passage="James 5:1-9" heading="h3"]...

 Jesus & Suburbia: Righteousness without Moderation

This message compares the law in Leviticus 19:1-19 with Matthew 5:17-48. Jesus not did not come to abolish the law but to for fill it. God applies the law it to our hearts and Jesus shows us how to live the law.   [bible passage="Matthew 5: 17-48" heading="h3"]

 Jesus vs Suburbia: Hunger & Thirst for Righteousness

Australian suburban values are compared what Jesus taught his disciples, we must ask ourselves who is really blessed in the light of his leaching?   [bible passage="Matthew 5:1-16" heading="h3"]

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