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 The End of Israel & the End of Judah…

Matthew draws our series on Kings to a conclusion, looking at various levels of idolatry and sin in Israel, and how it led to their downfall. And yet, the line of David continues to the coming of Jesus. Readings from 2 Kings 17-25

 The fall of Israel

The heartbreaking account of Israel and Judah's decline into idolatry. Readings from 2 Kings 7-16

 Elisha and a failing nation

Today we'll consider whether God cares and and what level as we reflect on the ministry of Elisha to the corrupt nation of Israel. Readings from 2 Kings 1-6

 The Ministry of Elijah

The Ministry of Elijah among idolatrous Israel.   [bible passage="1 Kings 12" heading="h3"]   [bible passage="2 Kings 2" heading="h3"]

 Kingdom Splits & Kingdoms falter

In today's sermon we'll see Rehoboam's foolishness, Jeroboam's Idolatry and two dynasties began (badly).   [bible passage="1 Kings 12-16" heading="h3"]

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