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 Walk in step with the Spirit

The Galatians church is urged to walk in step with the spirit, not in isolation but in fellowship with each other. Carry each other's burdens as a family, gently restore brothers caught in sin. Holiness does not just happen, there are no surprise crops, do not get weary the harvest...

 You can change

You can change and God wants you to. But to change first we need to recognise that you don't have free will. Our wills are captive to the power of the flesh: our weakness and tendency to sin. We don't have the strength of will in ourselves to change by...

 Promise trumps Law

Are you right with God, who do you know? Stuart tracks the promise to Abraham to the present day. The law had a season, the promise has been for-filled. I am no longer a slave. I am God's child, God's son, God's heir.   [bible passage="Galatians 3:26-4:20" heading="h3"]

 Living by faith not by works

What does my relationship with God have to do with other people? We need to see fellow believes the way Jesus sees us. The passage shows how tension built in the early church, a new area where Jewish people and gentiles can hang out together. The theme of not adding...

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