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 Jesus is: The Great Forgiver

The greatest miracle - the only one that is Eternal - is that He Forgives. Join Stuart Grant and the NewLife congregation, as we continue our "Jesus Is" sermon series.

 Jesus Is: Misunderstood

Lead Pastor Stuart Starr looks at some typical secular and Christian responses to who people have claimed Jesus to be, and specifically, what it looks like to walk in other peoples shoes.

 Jesus is Trustworthy

Senior Assistant Pastor Geoff leader takes us into Proverbs, to reveal the necessity in gaining wisdom and understanding throughout our lives.

 Jesus is worth telling your friends about

For everything that people say about Jesus, it was John the Baptist alone who had a pivotal and unique role in identifying exactly who He is.  “This is the one I meant when I said, ‘A man who comes after me has surpassed me because he was before me.’” We explore who people say Jesus is and who John the Baptist and the Word say He is. 

 All Things New

How often do we look forward to New Years Day to start our diets, a new fitness plan, a new business venture, or any number of a hundred goals? Its a great chance to start over and begin again. The trouble with New Years Day is that it is intangible and ethereal - we live most of the year not in the expectation of starting, but in the empty space of never starting. We like to live our lives "there" without ever really being "here", and in the meantime miss out on the actual opportunity in living in that way now. ...

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