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 What does God actually say about Gay Marriage?

A biblically informed attempt to seek a careful and faithful investigation of a topic that has the attention of Christians and the rest of the community. You can hear Stuart’s message here.

 Should human’s play God in Medicine?

It’s hard to escape Spiderman here. There’s great power in modern medicine and increasingly this places options and opportunities before us as human beings that were previously the exclusive domain of our Heavenly Father. In this sermon we’ll explore what relationship great power has to great responsibility as God’s...

 Does God really expect me to forgive that?

Since sin entered the world humans have been hurting one another. Into this context Jesus called His followers to forgive. But can God really mean for us to forgive everything? Isn’t that unfair? This will be the weight of our discussion in this message. You can listen to Matthew’s sermon...

 What does God think about broken marriages?

A huge topic in our broken world. We’ll explore marriage as God intended originally, the trials of marriage, broken marriages and the possibility of remarriage. You can listen to Stuart’s sermon here. If this sermon raises questions and circumstances that weren’t covered (undoubtedly the case) then please feel free...

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