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 Jesus vs Suburbia: Hunger & Thirst for Righteousness

Australian suburban values are compared what Jesus taught his disciples, we must ask ourselves who is really blessed in the light of his leaching?   [bible passage="Matthew 5:1-16" heading="h3"]

 Ladies Night – Catherine Campbell

[bdt_team_member photo="5689" style="3" background="#ffffff" name="Catherine Campbell" role="Popular Author and Speaker from Northern Ireland" url=""]Catherine Campbell is involved in ministry to women through speaking, writing and pastoral situations. Her working life started as a nurse in Belfast’s famous Royal Victoria Hospital, and she continued nursing on a part-time basis for the...

 The New Creation

As Australians when we reflect on Gods promises in Isaiah 65 of long life, stable law and order and the ability to have a place to call home we don't get that excited as we already have these things for our natural life. God is offering eternal comfort (66:10-14) and...

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