Coming Kingdom @Night

As Christians, we have frequent familiarity with the words, “Your Kingdom come.” We say it during prayers at church, in reciting the Lord’s prayer in schools, and it wouldn’t even be uncommon to hear during official secular ceremonies. But how often do we let the words sit with us, to let the mission and advocacy resonate with us, to be drawn into the enveloping awareness that for millennia, Christians around the world have sought the coming Kingdom and our Lord’s will to be carried out?

Our scientific, empirical society built the modern world, and in doing so, left out any room and explanation of the nature of the Kingdom of God, leaving us only with ethereal images of harps and clouds and pearly gates and gold painted streets. Guest Speaker Alec Michie examines how our 21st Century Western understanding of what Heaven is like, is fundamentally flawed, because we have become so isolated within our own riches and wealth that we are numb, and have forgotten the expanding reality that Zechariah was heralding. Zechariah speaks truth in today’s world, as he did to our ancestors over 2,500 years ago.

To an impoverished people who were returning from exile, in the midst of heartache, Zechariah taught the remarkable truth that the unfolding reality of the Kingdom of God is at hand even now, and one day, the created order would be made right. He taught us that Heaven is firmly rooted in this world, in dirt and grace – and its encouragement to us today, as it was in ancient times, is that our world can move forwards in the dynamic, expanding reality of truth, justice, love and even hope to see new life in every home across our nation and our world.

Join with Alec Michie, and the NewLife@Night service, as we seek His Kingdom and truly understand what it means to say “Come Lord Jesus.”

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