Eternal Encouragement: Meeting the Just Jesus

It’s sometimes hard to picture the image of a loving and redeeming Heavenly Father – a God who is compassionate, who draws us into increasing mercy, acceptance, generosity and peace on one hand – whilst on the other hand trying to comprehend a God who condemns people and a God who sends judgement. For a secular society, this view of God can often seem regressive, outdated and backward, and ultimately, uninviting.

But how should we respond to suffering and persecution in our world? A world overrun with hatred, malice, injustice and intolerance – a world with ISIS, child soldiers, political instability and extreme poverty? Our world is a constant reminder that we are terrifyingly free to do what we want in this life, and if the choice is destruction and death, then God is loving enough to allow us this choice. But does evil win? Can everything in this age be redeemed by God? Will God allow evil to stand in His presence in the age to come?

We need teaching and language and pictures and metaphors that are strong and volatile enough to describe the very real experiences and consequences of the choices of rejecting Christ. 2 Thessalonians is a real letter to a church who is facing persecution of their new found faith, written to encourage and strengthen the resolve of the young church, and to reveal to them the mystery of the “Just Jesus”.

Listen with us, as Lead Pastor Stuart Starr examines this difficult, (and ultimately encouraging), passage.


[bible passage=”2 Thessalonians 1″ heading=”h3″]

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