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02 MAY 2020

Do we have a greater?

“From the ends of the earth I call to you, I call as my heart grows faint; lead me to the rock that is higher than I.”
(Psa. 61:2 NIV11)

What’s greater than you? Not better. People can be better than you a lots of things. Really unimportant things like UNO. Or truly valuable things like character. But what about greater? What’s the bigger horizon? What’s the higher ideal? Who’s greater than you?

King David is calling out for help in this Psalm. He’s asking God to care for him and protect him. To, “take shelter in your wings,” is how he puts it in vs 4. It was the verse above that caught my attention this morning – the rock that is higher than I.

If we lack a God dimension in our life there is nothing higher to appeal to. If you’re weak you’re weak. If you’re exhausted you’re exhausted. Here we’re reminded that with God there is always hope for those who are at the end of themselves. There is always One greater than I.

Are you speaking to the God who is greater than you? Are you regularly lifting your eyes beyond the sea and storms of this current crisis? Will we turn our hearts and minds to God in prayer?

Dear God, I’m thankful that you are greater. Please Lord, lead me to You, my Rock, who is greater than I. 


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Follower of Jesus, husband, dad, cyclist, photographer, and Lead Pastor. Keen to see new life in Jesus come to every home. Thankful for those partnering in doing that here at NewLife.