Johns Gospel: The Son & Believers

Jesus’ disciples were the first to see him revealed as who he really was – The Christ. They lived with him, they ate with him, they walked the same dusty roads from city to city as he taught, ministered and performed miracles. They lived in the assurance that God was real, that God cared for the sick, that He fed the hungry and that He was ever present in their midst.

But what happens when that assurance is taken away? Where do you find purpose and mission? The disciples had experienced the “Oneness” of the Divine and man personally over the last few years, and now they were being told that Jesus was leaving and something new was happening. Which is a little unnerving – because “new” is terrifying, isn’t it? Everything that you know – your life, your goals, your business venture, your 5 year plan – all of a sudden switches gears and the certain, clear view that lied ahead of you is taken from you and you have to begin something new – without the assurance and guidance that you had become so inextricably tethered to.

Johns Gospel shows how the disciples journey started with a promise – that the Father was sending someone in Jesus place – a promise of a world where they could be comfortable with ambiguity, complexity and unknowing. One that has a space for sadness as well as joy, for the low times as as well as the good times. Because being human is about not trying to run away from the difficult things in our lives, but living in the assurance that being in God means being able to bear them and robbing them of their sting.

Listen with us as Lead Pastor Stuart Starr expands Johns Gospel, to continue to help us understand the beautiful relationship of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, and how we can have confidence to endure seeking unity, holiness and His glory.

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