Lord Please make my Church: Faithful

Our society too often gives the message that we must “tick off” a certain list of things in order to find happiness and joy. When we think about it, even subconsciously, our lives are cultivated to seek happiness in materialism and things that will ultimately fall away – like our lifestyles, homes, fashion, economics, the right car, the right job, the right home in the right suburb and 2.4 children attending the right school. It is an inward attitude that begets “self”, and is often starkly contrasted in the Scriptures. The Scriptures talk about a different set of checklists. They talk about fruit and hope and endurance and adventure, and even faithfulness. The scriptures paint an entirely different picture of happiness – one found in Christ.

But how does being faithful in a world of indifference matter? How does it evoke change and growth and openness? How does an inward reflection of our dependence and security in Christ, lead outwards to make a daily difference in the lives of those not just those around us, but to live a life of purpose that ripples throughout Eternity.

Lead Pastor Stuart Starr begins our new series, devoted to seeking out the Lord to guide our church to be Faithful, Adventurous, Compassionate and Enduring. Join with the NewLife@10 service and find beauty in a life devoted to peaching the gospel and being forgotten. For being faithful, not famous.

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The sermons from our weekly series at NewLife Anglican Church in Oran Park, Sydney, Australia. Sermons are preached by Lead Pastor Stuart Starr, Senior Assistant Pastor Geoff Leader and Kids, Youth and Families Pastor Michael Mak. Subscribe on iTunes below.