Johns Gospel: Seeing the Father & the Son

For Christians, we commonly identify purpose, in the existence of life, as loving God and enjoying Him forever. But it was only after Christ came to earth that man could actually see what this looked like “lived out”. How Jesus lived – his teaching, love for the poor, care for the tired, patience for his neighbour, understanding for the broken –
essentially redefined what it meant to bring glory to God. It revealed to man the freedom in serving God through enjoyment and humility that had previously shackled mankind in tribes, religions and classes.

But what is the purpose of God? Jesus revealed time and again that God’s glory was His glory. In other words, living in perfect harmonious, right relationship with Himself was bringing Himself glory. It was the catalyst that precipitated Creation. It was the passion that led Jesus to the cross. And it was the earthquake that broke death and rose Christ to life.

But three God’s in one? Brain freeze? You’re not alone….

Lead Pastor Stuart Starr explores this beautiful glimpse that we get of the Trinitarian love that envelopes the Father, Son and Holy Spirit in Johns Gospel. Jesus uses powerful imagery and language to help the apostles and disciples try to wrap their heads around the beautiful idea that will forever be a mystery to us – the unfathomable, unknowable, incorruptible love of the perfect union of the Godhead – and how it has been revealed to us through Christ.

Johns Gospel continues to be a transformative and revelatory shift in human consciousness, challenging us to reimagine what it means to be human, living in the context and awareness of a New Humanity. Are we all in for Gods Glory – or are we here for ours? Do we experience God’s assurance and comfort – or do we live in fear and anxiety? Do we embody God’s love or do we seek ourselves? Are we praying God’s will – or do we seek our own?

Sit down with us as we explore the place he has prepared. As we meditate on the job to do while we wait for His return. And as we expectantly wait on His promise of assistance, in seeking to love God and enjoy Him forever.



[bible passage=”John 13:31-38″ heading=”h3″]



[bible passage=”John 14:1-31″ heading=”h3″]

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