2 Timothy

2 Timothy Series

2 Timothy

As we begin our series on this wonderful letter we’ll be challenged to see if Christianity is a subject to be mastered or about meeting a master to be subject to.

 2 Timothy: Right Longing Changes Everything

Stuart challenged us to consider what we're longing for and to consider the place of Jesus’ return in that mix and how it should rightly impact everything.   [bible passage="2 Timothy 3" heading="h3"]   [bible passage="2 Timothy 4" heading="h3"]

 2 Timothy: Holy living and the Holy Word

Matthew challenged us to consider the role that we play together with the Holy Spirit in seeking growth in godliness and then expanded on the idea of what it means to believe the Bible is God-breathed and useful.   [bible passage="2 Timothy 2" heading="h3"]

 2 Timothy: What it means to be in Christ

A great exposition of this really key theme from Matthew.   [bible passage="2 Timothy 1" heading="h3"]

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