Johns Gospel: The Son & the Spirit

For a little over 13 billion years, our Universe has been heading in one direction. Forward – our growing awareness of our shared humanity, our growing understanding of the relationship we are in with God, our deepening insight into the fragility of this beautiful planet, and our understanding that it is all an integrated existence of spirit and flesh. By many accounts our universe, (see Dr. Luke Barnes’ talk on A Fortunate Universe on our website), should be out of energy. So what is the mysterious, unseen force that is pulling the whole thing forward?

Johns Gospel continues to be an enlightening revelation into the mystery of the relationship that God exists in as Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Jesus taught the remarkable truth during his earthly ministry how God, the Son and the Holy Spirit are one, but also unique persons. Lead Pastor Stuart Starr attempts to pull apart the scriptures to try to help us understand how the very nature of the Trinity – in particular this week how the Son & the Spirit – enter time and space and hearts to make change possible, by bringing understanding, repentance and sanctification.

Don’t miss Stuart’s sermon in Johns Gospel, and see how we are all connected in Spirit through the Son, and possess a remarkable opportunity and responsibility to help bring restoration to a broken world.


[bible passage=”John 15:1-27″ heading=”h3″]


[bible passage=”John 16:1-33″ heading=”h3″]

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