The Forgiving Flow

Whatever preconceived notions or ideas we have about God, and who He is and what He has planned for us for the next life, forgiveness is not exclusively what happens after we are buried, it has to do with the way we live right now. The fundamental power of forgiveness in our lives actually changes the direction of your feet and the ground on which we tread. Forgiveness is a gift, something that isn’t earned or won, but given freely. It is part of a flow that naturally needs to flow on, and when you enter into this flow, you are tapping into the foundational, resurrecting, transcending, Corner-Stone that our universe is built on.

Listen with Stuart Grant and the NewLife@10 service, as we seek forgiveness and restoration in our own lives – to live as Christ did – remembering that even on the cross Jesus pleaded with the Father to forgive his murderers, forever changing this world here and now.

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The sermons from our weekly series at NewLife Anglican Church in Oran Park, Sydney, Australia. Sermons are preached by Lead Pastor Stuart Starr, Senior Assistant Pastor Geoff Leader and Kids, Youth and Families Pastor Michael Mak. Subscribe on iTunes below.